Saturday, January 05, 2008

VMT Pow Report-P1-The Road to Nelson

Ari sportin' some stylie GOAT WEAR.

The drive from SLC to Nelson, BC is long. No two ways about it. Along with three friends, I left SLC on thursday afternoon headed to Canada for a week of backcountry skiing out of the Valhalla Mountain Touring lodge, just north of Nelson in the Selkirks. Not an especially eventful drive, which is always good, but we did stop over in Missoula to sleep, and our friends there made us an amazing waffle breakfast before sending us on our way. Then on to Spo-Compton (aka Spokane). Hit the Costco with more of our crew and while waiting for STFUJ to fly in from Boulder we found the Ming Wah, a great old school 70's Chinese-American restaurant. It was a lucky score, and the food was great and cheap.

From Spokane we were on our way north. My first trip to Canada and I got to drive the snowy/rainy last shift. Now in Nelson waiting to take the snowcat into the lodge tomorrow, we've been checking out the town, hanging at the Osa Negro looking like the tourists we are and feeling dumb about not skiing at Whitewater today.

The forecast is for snow, snow, and more snow, plus some sick skiing and picture taking. We're kind of excited. Stay tuned...

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Blogger climbingrocks said...

nice pics!

1/07/2008 9:49 AM

Blogger powstash said...

overflowing with jealousy...looking forward to seeing the result of the trip!

1/07/2008 2:28 PM


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