Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sublimation Experiment - KGB's New Ski Film

Last week in the "Winter Will Soon Be Here" post I mentioned that one of my two favorite teasers for this coming winters ski films is the Sublimation Experiment from KGB Productions. I found the trailer on YouTube for you to check out.

Based in Jackson, Wyoming, these guys are taking a different approach to the skiing lifestyle, one I think is easier to relate to. It's an approach that not only appeals to an audience but because it's not your typical ski pro flying around the globe skiing patches of snow on far away mountains it relates to those who will watch it. Sinners, a ski film by Bill Heath, was for me one of the more recent films that was successful at doing just that.

It will depict the lives of a few "normal" skiers who dedicate their lives to the pursuit of sliding on snow in a sustainable fashion, both monetarily and environmentally.

I suspect their approach to living in ski town USA is not fashionably sustainable like so many others out there in the ski world. The passion driven "dirtbag" lifestyle is a hard one to persue, one I suspect many have passed up for more reliable means. (myself included - Mr. Family Man)

Here's how they describe the film:

The Sublimation Experiment is not a story of big name pros, but a story of people who are devoted to the sport and to the mountains and who struggle to make it work, just like you and me. It is an experiment that follows the lives of a handful of individuals throughout the two winters of 2006 & 2007 as they showcase their skills while trying to sustain a lifestyle that is founded upon a common passion

The film is 73 minutes but a shorter 50 minute version will be showing at various mountain film festivals around the west.

Enjoy the trailer.

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