Friday, February 23, 2007

Powder, Proposal Day at The Canyons

Utah is finally back in the snow business. The past couple of storms have delivered and this one that we're currently in delivered more than just a few powder day smiles for's Katie Gold.

True to form, Katie and her boyfriend Mike Sharp woke this morning and headed out to The Canyons to enjoy the 6-8" of new that was reported. But while Katie was thinking that this was a perfect powder day with a few Peak 5 laps, perhaps some Dreamscape trees and perhaps a lap on Condor, Mike was thinking that this would be the perfect proposal day. Well, with proposals on the mind there was only one spot at The Canyons that could be suitable - the top of 9990.Katie Gold and Mike Sharp starting things off right at The Canyons

So after a ride up Mike suggested a hike. "A hike today? There is untracked everywhere," were Katie's thoughts. But Mike, offering a couple of token "powder shots" lured Katie up the hike for the inbounds terrain that leads back down to the lift served area. When she got to the top, in the middle of a snow storm, Mike had the tripod set up for a "scenic photo". Sure, scenic photo in the white out? (Mother Nature doesn't always play nice)

Apprehensively Katie agreed, after all the scene was, not really there. Mike announced, "Ok, 10 seconds, just act natural" after which he walked over with skis on, bent his knee (good on ya to wear your tele set up Mike) and proposed to Katie as the camera caught the moment.

congratulations you two!

Photo - see Mike and Katie on The Canyons website today or in the image above.



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