Friday, February 09, 2007

A Walk In The Uinta Mountains

I really didn't feel like going skiing yesterday morning. But I did feel like going to the mountains.

Why did I feel like going to the mountains? It was a combination of a few things. Josh said he was feeling sluggish and needed some exercise. I hadn't been to the Uinta Mountains since New Year's Eve. But mostly I wanted to clear the mind.

Sadly, a co-worker chose to take her own life Tuesday night. I didn't know her too well but the impact of her passing has been felt throughout the company and in online communities that she and her husband were a part of. After hearing about this on Wednesday afternoon, one of my first thoughts was, "I need to go walk in the mountains." So that's what I did.

As Josh and I skinned up the moutain ridges, we spoke a little of the happenings of this week. But mostly we enjoyed the beautiful sunrise, the calm of the morning, talked about our own close relationships and our love of life. Skiing in the backcountry has always seemed to soothe the soul and despite the less than stellar conditions we found yesterday, the peaceful morning and vivid colors of the landscape provided the renewal I sought.

I can't really put my finger on what it is about the mountains that gives renewal to the soul that they do. Perhaps it's the solitude or the breaking down of protective layers that commonly surround us (no walls, no central heating, no paved roads, no air bags for safety - just just you and nature on Nature's terms). Perhaps it's the cold breeze across your face that stimulates the senses. I think the quiet has a lot to do with it, a lot.

Enjoy the slideshow. (click the play button)

RIP Brit.



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