Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Powder Skiing Legend Dolores LaChapelle Dies

Powder Skiing Legend - Dolores LaChapelleDolores LaChapelle was a legend among powder skiers, old and new. For over a half a century she has about the business of skiing untracked snow. Weather you know it or not, she's one of those pioneers who have paved the way for us skiers of today. Don't believe me? Check out the respect she is getting on the TGR message board

I can't say that I ever met Dolores but quotes from her book "Deep Powder Snow" which delves into the soulful experience of skiing powder snow, have been spot on in putting to words my experiences of skiing powder in the backcountry. I'm not alone. Her poetry and prose on the topic have touched many backcountry skiers lives and is likely one of the best books to explore the feeling and the pursuit of untracked snow. If you'd like to get a copy of her book for $6.95 visit the Alta Store.

The Durango Telegraph ran an interview with Dolores in November of 2002 that is worthy of a re-read.

Lou Dawson has some nice words about Dolores on his blog - WildSnow.com

photo from the Durango Telegraph/credit to Jonathan Thompson



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