Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Mammoth Mountain - still going off

I hate to say it but I told you so. I told you to go west to Mammoth and did you listen? Well, don't feel so bad - neither did I.

Regardless, Mammoth Mountain in California had better be on your radar screen now.

Let's look at some stats:
  • The most recent storm put down 28" at the BASE of the mountain, most of it coming in a 12 hour period.

  • Mammoth Mountain has a recorded 535 inches of snow this season with 135 inches in the month of March alone - and we've got 2 more days to go with snow in the forcast. This is the second most snowy march they've had - second only to the "Miracle March of 1990" when they recieved 197 inches.

  • The snowfall from the past two winters, 04-05 and the current 05-06 season, are the two greatest back to back years on record at Mammoth Mountain. The grand total so far over two seasons - drum roll please - 1142 inches with two solid months of snowfall left to go.
Are you listening now?



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