Tuesday, August 19, 2008

GSI Outdoor Nesting Bowl Mug Combo

Most of the time when camping or backpacking I eat freeze dried meals like those from Mountain House or Mary Janes so the only needs I have for eating is a titanium spork and my favorite stove of all - the Jetboil.

But lately I've been doing more car camping and backpacking with the family and while the freeze dried foods have remained steady dinner options (along with the time proven tin-foil dinners!) we've gone to the less expensive and easy to make meals like instant oatmeal, soups and hot cocoa as examples. So the need to eat from something other than a freeze dried package came up.

After poking around the Backcountry.com site I picked up a couple of the GSI Outdoor Nesting Bowl Mug Combo sets and despite a non-traditional shape the entire powstash clan is super pleased with them!

They are small enough to not take up too much space but ample enough to eat or drink from. The lid on the mug held well despite one reviewer at Backcountry.com who had the opposite result. The neoprene sleeve helps to insulate the mug.

If you're in the hunt for no frills light weight camping bowls or mugs, check these out.

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Blogger David said...

Wow, my gourmet cooking girlfriend (fiancee!!_) was initiated by me into backpacking with that freezefried "crap" bought by me. She Educated Me!! NOT to do that again.

Next time she did the cooking and it was Sooo much better. I have since learned to never buy that freezedried overpriced, Over-salted 'backpacking meals' again.

Sorry, I can't give you the recipe where she made me convert to more creative and just as compact meals as the 'commercial' stuff but it was on-line, a chicken and thai rice sort of combo which was better than many of the 100 dollar plus meals we treat ourselves to occasionally when we want to have a break from the kitchen. (She's such a good cook....I keep pleading why do we have to go out....but it's cause she needs a little pampering and a break from the kitchen)

The key to the meals avail with meat is the new packing style of minimally processed air sealing where meat can be stored indefinitely.. Valley Fresh has chicken and some others have salmon and tuna too. Just very slightly heavier than the freeze dried stuff. Now veggies are another thing.

Also, why obsess too much about weight when we have to carry water too? I take fresh fruit on my first two days of travel knowing that the water in the fruit is just as useful as the water in my bottle or sack. apples and oranges last a couple days easy. And the peals or cores biodegrade (bury so not to offend future visiters)

that thai curry chicken she made in the adirondacks in a few minutes was the best meal (up in the top ten) of my backpacking life.... I'll never go back to processed freezedried unless I have to...)

8/21/2008 5:52 AM


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