Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How's the Weather?

It was eerily still this morning when I awoke. Now I know why.

It's June 11th and I'm sitting here watching FAT flakes of snow fall from the sky, stacking up trees whose leaves emerged weeks ago.

I'm not sure whether it's the fact that today is June 11 or if because this is not the first time this month that this scene has played out, but I'm officially over it.

Sure, like any self respecting backcountry skier I'll take advantage of this storm and head up the Mirror Lake Highway to search out somewhere to skin, hike and ski, much like I did this past Saturday when it snowed 6" in the high country. But honestly, is this what to expect from the 21st century weather?

Tired of clearing snow off your car?

Chime in: I'd like to know where else it's snowing today. Chime in with a quick comment below.




Blogger Going-Up said...

I woke up at Alta this morning and it was sleeting/snowing pretty hard, as I drove down the canyon it dissipated quickly

6/11/2008 9:15 AM

Blogger powstash said...

ok, so Alta is firing but up high only.





6/11/2008 12:27 PM

Anonymous JM said...

Snowing in Driggs, Idaho. Snowing top of Teton Pass. And snowing in the town of Jackson, currently, at 1:51pm

6/11/2008 1:52 PM

Blogger Adam said...

that might have been the day when i was in vail and it covered the hills with a skiff. i woke up at 5am for a run and it was coming down pretty good. 8am, beautiful skies.

6/18/2008 1:49 PM


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