Wednesday, May 14, 2008

PBR Retro Coolness

PBR - the beer of climbers and skiersClimbers, skiers, mountain bikers and skidz alike have, generally speaking, crowned PBR the beer of beers. Cheap as piss and tasting about the same, it has somehow managed to make a surge in popularity over the past decade.

Of PBR Rob from Brian's Belly says:
Yes, PBR does fall into the "piss" category. And yet, there’s a certain retro-coolness to be found in those all-American aluminum cans.
Ok, let's stop right there. "Retro-coolness"? How's this for cool:

I was with my family (boys ages 9, 6,5 and daughter 18 months) a couple of miles up a really scenic slot canyon in Southern Utah called Red Cliffs. About half way up the canyon we left the water to scramble up a side wall after which we passed through a narrow canyon to then descend back to the river. It was high among the rocks that we came upon this little piece of tall boy "retro-coolness":

The retro-coolness of PBRSadly, most litter doesn't phase me. Irritating? Sure. But there's just too much of it out there to have it phase me. I just pick it up and carry it back to the trash or recycling.

But this one had me wondering WTF? Perhaps it was the location of it, tucked into a little alcove as if to say "oh, this is a nice little spot. I'll just leave it right here where nobody will see it". Perhaps it was the fact that this was no road side location but miles away from any road and on a trail that took skill and effort to reach.

And although I make a generalization here I can only think that the likelihood of this can getting to this spot was from a climber or outdoor enthusiast. And quite frankly that has me pissed.




Blogger climbinskier said...

I've thought about this over the weekend. I had a comment that was going to be more of a tirade, but I decided to skip it.

It bums me out to see stuff like this, especially in the backcountry. I want to know what goes through people's minds when they leave stuff like this behind. Literally, I want to know what they are thinking.

5/19/2008 2:02 PM


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