Friday, March 31, 2006

Goat Sighting - Ski Mountaineering Lessons on Mount Timpanogus

The goat is well traveled and lately by the photo submissions we've gotten it seems that winter still has a strong hold on many of the customers out there. From the homeland of Utah comes this week's "Show us your Goat" winner.

Mike snapped this photo while attending a course on ski mountaineering, a personal favorite pursuit of mine, on the north slopes of Mount Timpanogus with none other than Utah Avalanche Center guru Drew Hardesty.

This is not the first time Mike has submitted a photo of the goat. It seems that his luck is changing. Nice work Mike.

As a weekly winner Mike will receive a Nalgene water bottle that he can use on his next ski mountaineering adventure.

Photo Shot by: Mike Kisow
Photo Location: American Fork Canyon Near TIMP, UT
About the photo: This is Drew Hardesty the SLC Avy forcaster doing his thing and teaching a ski mountaineering class that I took today. Great man, great day. The goat is doing his thing too.

Mount Timpanogus - Utah's finest ski mountaineering local



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